Possibly Edible


Horrifying. Not Edible.

Courtesy of www.foodiggity.com. It even calls for lard. From the July 1946 issue of National Geographic.


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Too Cool For School

Full on Steampunk woodcut print. Circa: 1870 – 1900. “Aerialist wearing wings strapped to his shoulders and feet while suspended from a balloon.” Repository: Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division Washington, D.C.

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Cool Vintage Looking Milkshake Poster

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Art Deco Ad – The Hupmobile

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Gender Bending Hottie Could Be Your Great Grandmother

Do you recognize this gender bending cutie? Did your great grandmother ever whistle “Anchors Aweigh“?

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Rajah Coffee

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The Universal Food Chopper

Ew. Gross.

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